Whether you have lived in the Chicago area for decades or just a few months, you share a common heritage with over 1,400 other individuals – you are a Nebraska Cornhusker.

The Chicagoans for Nebraska chapter of the University of Nebraska Alumni Association exists to give you an opportunity to share your life with fellow Huskers. You can be as involved as much as you like, but we hope that in some way you will be involved.

This website has been designed to provide you the information on how to get involved in our local chapter activities and the alumni association. If you want to get involved in our social activities, contact info@chicagobigred.com. But most importantly, if you want to receive all of the benefits of our organization, please become a member of the NU Alumni Association.

Your Nebraska Alumni Association membership shows that you’re proud of your University of Nebraska degree. Your membership tells others that you support education. Your membership says you believe in the university’s tradition of excellence and its commitment to Nebraska’s future. And your membership is a passport to the award-winning Nebraska magazine and a vast array of member privileges and discounts, plus it networks you with other successful alumni. Show your pride in the University of Nebraska AND enjoy all these benefits! Join the Nebraska Alumni Association today online or by calling 1-888-353-1874.

We look forward to hearing from you and hope to see you at our upcoming events!

Board of Directors:

Joshua Vinduska – Chapter President

Scott Fullerton – University Liaison

Kris Grosshans – Co-Chair of Professional Programming

David Heinke – Co-Chair of Professional Programming

Benjamin Crowder – Co-Chair of Professional Programming

Dan Hennings – Vice President of Finance

Chris Jones – Watch Site Host – McGonigal’s Pub

Kathleen McLaughlin – Co-Chair Vice President of Communications

David Stover – Co-Chair Vice President of Communications

April Kalinski – Watch Site Chair

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